Pro-Diem, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have an easy online service to gather your flight data. This service allows you to verify your address, pay and submit data in a streamlined manner on our web site.  You can  to do this all in one place from your secure account with Pro-Diem, Inc.




What we need: Final Crew Pay Registers

Be sure to let us know if you do not actually do what your flight data sheets say you are doing. For example, if you commute but layover in your hometown and go home for the night. 



Data Submission Options:  What you can do to get flight info to us:








Option 1.  

We have a GREAT Way to save your data to send to us!  

Try our Pro-Diem, Inc. Data Widget!  We have created a small program to assist you in creating your file.  It copies and pastes your flight data for you and creates a file that you can upload to us.  It downloads quickly for newer computers but may have a longer download time for older computers but will definitely make the process easier!   Just download the file and then close everything and look for it on your desktop.  You can then click on it and follow the instructions.   You won't need to copy and paste, it will do all of the work for you. We have made it easy for you!



You can then click on it and follow the instructions. You won't need to copy and paste, it will do all of the work for you. We have made it easy for you!



  To download or upgrade the data widget or get help, click on one of the following:



If you do not have windows on your MAC, call our office and we will connect
you to the remote PC to run the data widget.


Option 2  Copy and paste data into our paperless submission form.

Because your Final Payroll Registers are now online for an entire year, you can copy and paste them into our electronic form and upload the completed form to us directly through our website.  You can then log in to your account online and submit to us by clicking on the file upload tab at the top of your online account.  This is ideal for MAC users.


You will find this a VERY easy way to submit your data.  It will save you money for copies and postage and can even be done if you have internet access while out on a trip!


This method also gives YOU a copy of your flight data for safe keeping so that when  dumps it from the computer system and you need a copy - You will have one!  No need to pay them $10 per page again!


Just download this file and follow our easy instructions!



Option 3.  Print all twelve months of your Final Payroll Registers and mail  to us with a check for $59.00. Make sure that you do not cut off trips on right side of page at end of month.  Change your printer setup to LANDSCAPE, using PORTRAIT setting on your printer will cause the data on the right side of the page to be cut off!  Print all 12 pay periods and mail to us with your check, email address, mailing address and phone number.



Option 4. Fill in our Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Works Log. For those of you who prefer to keep your data in a file on your computer we offer a log for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Works. Click on the button below and choose "save" when prompted. We recommend saving the file somewhere on your computer where you can find it again easily, i.e. your desktop. Please rename the file something unique to you: such as your last name and the year. Once your log is complete you can submit it to us by logging into your online account and selecting the file upload tab at the top. Once the file is submitted proceed to the payment tab. Your payment will push your account to processing.


An active internet connection is not required for this method.





Option 5  Fill in our Electronic Log.  We have a great one available for you by logging in to your own secure account with us. If you have not registered an account with us online, it is a simple process. Once you have logged in you will click on the Log tab at the top and select log entry from the drop down menu. More detailed instructions for filling out the electronic log will be on the log entry page



These are the flight data submission options for Continental Pilots & Flight Attendants.


Please contact our office at 817-421-8389 if you have

any further questions.







If you do not have a "Non Taxable" amount of per diem paid to you listed on your W-2, this doesn't mean that you don't have to claim it on your taxes.   The amount is not required by law to be listed by your airline on the W-2, but it is required by law that you subtract the non taxable amount paid to you from what we calculate.  You may need to locate the amount on a year end paycheck or add the non taxable per diem amounts for each paycheck received for the year. 


For example if you are claiming January 1 - December 31 actual flying - you will need the paychecks received during that time period.  That means: look on the paychecks for your flying December 1 of the previous year to end of November and add those amounts up!   Likewise if you claim your actual expense for the Dec. 1 previous year through November you will still look on the paychecks for your flying December 1 of the previous year through the end of November.


For those of you at Continental, we have been informed by your payroll department the following regarding location of non taxable per diem amount:


To assist you in locating your non taxable per diem paid for purposes of placing it on Form 2106, please try the following.  Look on left hand side of your 12/31 paycheck.  You  will see that it clearly states "per diem".  This is the non taxable per diem amount, even though it doesn't specifically say so.  If you had any taxable per diem it would be listed as "taxable" per diem.


IMPORTANT NOTE!!   If you choose to add you non taxable amounts from your payroll registers the amount listed as your non taxable perdiem may not be your only non taxable perdiem.  Continental payroll department  has told me that the amount listed a few lines below the non taxable per diem listed as "Intl PD"  is also non taxable per diem and needs to be added to the non taxable per diem amount.  Crazy, but true. 





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