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You do not need to have a Pay Pal Account to pay online.  We use Pay Pal as our payment processor.  If you do not have a Pay Pal account, to the right of the Pay Pal log-in is a link that says, "Don't have a Pay pal account? ".   Click on the continue link and you can pay with a credit or debit card instead of Pay Pal.


1.  If you are submitting a Widget File, Flight Data File or Microsoft Excel/Works log you must log in to your online account with us to upload your file and make payment.   Please login and select the file upload tab at the top to send us the file and then make payment when your file has been uploaded or when your Electronic Log is complete. Please note, your Electronic Log is on our server and you do not need to upload the log to us, your payment is your way to let us know that you have completed filling out the electronic log.  We no longer need you to email  your file. 



Payment must be made after you upload your file to us  within your Pro Diem account or we will not be alerted to your file being ready. The Payment tab is to the right of the File Upload tab within your Pro Diem account.



This payment page is for misc. "other" payments; see #2 & #3 below.



2.  If you snail mailed data to us but forgot your check you can pay below.  Please call our office or send a brief email to and let us know that a payment has been made and how your flight data has been sent to us so that we can match the two together and process your report.



3.  If you would like to snail mail but prefer to make a credit card payment instead of sending a check you can pay below.  Print out your receipt and place it in your envelope in lieu of a check for payment. 


* This sale is not valid for those needing our report to help them through an audit.  We will be glad to calculate your per diem correctly and assist you with your audit but because you did not use our service for your original tax return we will need to provide you with much more than just our report to get you through your audit or you will probably not be allowed.  Audits are time consuming and  labor intensive and we must charge an extras $200.00 service fee to assist you if you did not use Pro-Diem to calculate the original amount filed on your taxes.  As always if Pro-Diem DID calculate your original amount for your taxes there is NEVER a charge for audit support.  Just call our office and we will be happy to assist you. 














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