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We provide Extensive audit support free of charge to our customers.  If you should ever receive a letter from the IRS questioning your expenses, and you used our calculation on your original return,  just call us and we will be glad to help you!

We have been processing per diem reports for nearly 19 years and have never been disallowed.  This is because we do a true calculation of your exact allowance and provide substantial documentation regarding what was claimed for each and every day of travel.

We have worked with over 11 authors of this Revenue Procedure over the years in our effort to make your 2106 "bullet proof".


Please note!  


Beginning January 1, 2012, there will be an additional $200.00 charge if you did not use our service for your original calculation on your tax return and need us to calculate your correct per diem and help you with your audit.  


In order to continue providing high quality service, we are changing our procedures for clients who come to us in audit when we did not originally calculate their per-diem for that tax year.  We will now charge a minimum fee of $200.00, to calculate their per-diem and provide audit support in addition to our standard processing fee.  It is our goal at Pro-Diem to provide you not only with a correct calculation but also solid information about what you can claim and how to fill our your tax form for each year correctly the first time.  

So many people have come to us in audit situations where they either "winged" the numbers or used a per-diem service that was unable to assist them in their audit.  It is a time consuming task for us to FIX other peoples mistakes and offer IRS assistance to get them out of the problems that have been created.   


If we provided your per-diem calculation on your original tax form, there will be no additional charge for audit support.

If you are in a pre existing Audit and need us to provide a true calculation of per diem, please call our office at
817-421-8389 and we will be happy to help!

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